French polishing restoration

Did you know at R Young & Sons French Polishing we spend a lot of time out on site carrying out wood, laminate and polyester repairs.  We also get called out to make good poor repairs from other trades.

We have recently carried out maintenance work at Weil Gotshal and Manges, London.  Our repairs included removing scratches and gouges to doors, credenzas and conference room tables.

At Hotel Felix, Cambridge we have repaired heat and liquid damage to dressing tables and desks.  Unfortunately a guest had decided to use a wardrobe door as an ironing board, leaving a large section of heat damage.  We were able to remove these marks, bringing back the original finish.

In our workshop we are currently restoring a variety of furniture, including modern lacquered dining room tables and antique hand French polished tables.  We are also restoring a beautiful elm dresser.