Period Properties

Period properties tend to have a greater amount of wood on show compared to modern houses. The wood provides character and charm and when it is properly finished can make the difference between an average house and a really beautiful home.

Stibbington Hall

At Stibbington Hall the oak panelling had been previously limed, however wasn’t in-keeping with the age and character period properties such as this.

We stripped the panelling back to bare oak and wire brushed the grain to ensure that all of the liming was removed. The new panelling that had been fitted around the columns needed to be aged. We used our distressing methods to develop the grain and to give the impression of years of wear, ensuring that it blended with the original.

Once the preparation was complete we began to polish. We hand mixed our water stain to the client’s desired colour and applied. We hand polished all of the panelling until the desired build was achieved and then wire and waxed to finish.

Castle Brae, Clare College, Cambridge.

At Castle Brae we stripped and re-polished the original Victorian oak front door both internally and externally.

We stripped two oak fireplaces, existing handrail and newel posts.  Once stripped we then stained, hand French polished and wire and waxed to finish.  We also stained and polished the new handrail to blend with the existing.

Lakeside Manor

At Lakeside Manor we stained and hand rubbered all Newels, Spindles and Handrail with lacquer, ensuring a colour match to the existing.

Grape vines were polished individually, enabling them to stand out.

We then clean and revived the remaining staircase and all of the panelling.

The Fireplace was stripped, bleached and re-polished.

If you are restoring a period property and would like to speak to someone about the restoration/French polishing of the wood work, such as the panelling, staircases, floors, doors and oak beams, we will be happy to assist.

We can arrange a convenient time to visit your property so that we can determine your requirements.   We will provide you with the relevant information and choices to enable you to make the right decision.